stories, croatian unique hotels

Stories, Croation Unique Hotels is the association of unique luxury hotels in Croatia that encompasses 17 carefully selected hotels. Each of these hotels inspires an authentic and thoughtful experience that acquaints their guests with the legacy, heritage and warm hospitality of the Croatian Adriatic.

They offer

  • Unique heritage
  • Excellent locations
  • Immaculate design
  • Personalised service

There are few countries in the world that possess such beautiful and diverse nature as Croatia. In the span of a few hours, a traveler can experience unrivaled, verdant plains, quaint river valleys, framed by rolling hills; dense, centuries-old forests and sheer stone cliffs; snow capped mountains and the most beautiful coast in Europe.

From east to west, from north to south, to the country’s Adriatic coast, and its 1246 islands, every part of Croatia is touched with beautiful, pristine nature and traces of the country’s millennial history. And every corner of Croatia has its own story.

Hotels are located in city palaces, hidden in the rocks above the sea or in olive groves of feudal manors. Their luxury is woven into their foundations and architecture, and each of them has a unique story to tell. 



If you are looking for new experiences that will spice up your next holiday, look no further than Croatia. Croatia is the place where you can truly try unexpected, adrenaline packed adventures, and finally take a break from the routine family holiday.


Everywhere you go, this extraordinary Mediterranean heaven will welcome you with its pristine nature and surprise you with experiences that can only take place in a country with such astounding beauty.




Croatia is a charming, and relatively unexplored country that should definitely be on the top of your holiday destination list. Croatia’s lavish natural beauty will surprise you, whether it’s the country’s gorgeous coast or its beautiful and diverse interior.


Croatia is a place you can enjoy all year round, depending on your preferences. From May to September you can relax under the warm sun as Croatia gets more than 2700 hours of sunshine per year. From October to the end of April is an ideal time for foodies and nature lovers, as you can enjoy exploring nature and various activities such as olive and asparagus harvesting.