More than 30 Years of Successful

Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

  • We treasure our many clientsThey are seasoned, affluent and demanding individuals who travel frequently for pleasure and stay in the finest resorts and hotels. 
  • We value our hotel members and partners, who are carefully selected and benefit from their association with us in a number of strategic sales & marketing programs and initiatives. At the forefront of this association is the spirit of making a holiday a unique and special experience for our mutual clients and going out of your way to delight them.
  • Our strategic travel partners are high end travel agents and tour operators in 85 countries worldwide who seek to provide their clients with the same level of quality during their trip as they receive from their agents when planning the itinerary.
  • In partnership with our travel partners we develop exclusive in addition Unique travel Experiences for our mutual clients, which shall become signature products alongside for HQD sales and marketing services.