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Esplanade Tergesteo Luxury Retreat - An unmistakable identity:

Esplanade Tergesteo will surprise and captivate you with attentive and discreet service in an environment of unparalleled style and elegance. A luxury retreat, in the heart of Veneto, where thermal water is the focus of every experience, for exclusive well-being.


5-star holiday in Montegrotto Terme


A new way of enjoying your holiday: unique rooms, each one different from the other, for a stay that is always new and stimulating.


Rooms & suites

Comfort is a necessity

Comfortable and spacious suites & rooms that represent the basic offer of the house.


A harmony of colours welcomes the guest while preserving their comfort zone in a discreet and intimate setting, equipped with every essential amenity for an unforgettable holiday.



Rooms and suites that represent the customary high standard of the hotel are a combination of simplicity and comfort. The colour scheme varies from delicate shades of dove grey, beige, and lilac to brighter shades of blue and red.








A satisfying dining experience

The food & drinks proposal of the 5-star Hotel

in Montegrotto Terme.

A new way to enhance your holiday

at the Esplanade Tergesteo – Luxury Retreat


Pepita Restaurant - Elegant and innovative cuisine!

The Pepita Restaurant is the perfect setting for an all-round sensory experience, made up of cuisine, culture and design.

The gastronomic concept developed by our chef de cuisine reflects the desire to maintain a link with tradition, but elevating it with innovative nuances.



Other Facilities

Welcome to the Well54 Wellness Center, where well-being is the goal of the work. Discover how each treatment is a tailor-made ritual to regenerate.


Immerse in a world of tranquility and beauty, where taking care of the guests becomes a daily celebration.


Personalized Esplanade Tergesteo wellness programmes.

Every person is unique, so each programme is created and adapted to the needs of the individual.

Guests will feel listened to and cared for in a personalized journey, the benefits of which will continue over time,  

even after returning home.