Castel Monastero Tuscany


One of the most beautiful stretches of countryside in Italy, in Tuscany region, lies among Chianti Wines, corn fields, chestnut forests and long rows of Cypress trees this is the setting around Castel Monastero, a beautifully restored medieval village and monastery, just 23 km from Siena. 

Within these thousand years walls is a true Tuscan retreat which exudes a feeling of simple refinement and pure elegance with its contemporary rustic chic style of the 74 rooms and suites and one villa.  


The origins of Castel Monastero are lost in the history of Medieval Tuscany. The castle is mentioned for the first time, under the name of Sarna, in 1044. Afterwards, from 1050, it is cited more and more often with the name of Monastero, in connection with nearby Berardenga Abbey.


From the early years of the 12TH century to at least the beginning of the 14th, it was home to a branch of the Berardenghi family and in 1202 it belonged to the Commune of Siena administration system.


It was besieged but without success by the Florentines in 1208 and conquered in 1270 by Guido di Montfort who used it as a an outpost against the city of Siena. Bought by the noble Sienese Chigi Saracini family, it became their country house, a place designated for hunting and harvesting the fruit of the vines in the castle territories.


At the end of an accurate restoration process aiming at reinstating its ancient splendour, it is today ready to welcome guests. Almost ten centuries of history await you there.



You are in the heart of Chiantishire. Look out of the window. 


Stretching out before your eyes are vineyards, woods and fields straight from a Medieval fresco, and a splendid square, with its café, restaurant and even a little church. You’ll soon realise you’re not just in a spectacular room, you're in the heart of the most beautiful part of Italy.



Three types of room, ranging from 25 to 51 m2 in size, elegantly furnished in pure Tuscan style.


Junior Suites

A magnificent environment measuring 50-63 square metres, divided into bedroom and a lounge, ideal for up to four guests.



A magnificent 57-78 square metre apartment divided into bedroom and a large lounge.




In keeping with the Tuscan food and wine culture there are two restaurants:


The Gourmet Restaurant “Contrada” where guests can have a sophisticated gastronomic experience tasting Tuscan cuisine interpreted by the Executive Chef. 



“La Cantina”, in the XIII century cellar, holds the best Tuscan and Chianti wines and guests can taste the local delicacies.



Will be the new depositary of ancient recipes and traditions of the splendid Tuscan territory.




Free time a time when you are free from stress  is the most wonderful gift that Castel Monastero, the luxury hotel and spa in Tuscany, can give you. How about starting with a soothing massage in the spa and a swim in the spectacular black basalt pool?


Or a tennis match? Or the unique experience of truffle hunting in the woods and countryside around the resort. 


You can take to the skies too in a fantastic balloon, flying over the spectacular Chianti hills and its splendid historical towns. 


And when your feet touch the ground again you can play a round of golf at the superb 18-hole Ugolino Golf Club, just an hour's drive from the hotel. 

Or perhaps you prefer polo? In just a few minutes from your room you can be at the beautiful Villa Sesta Polo Club.