Txai Resorts, Itacara (Bahia)


Mastering the art of hosting guests at home, Txai Resorts develops the concept of a boutique hotel. The word Txai, inspired by the Indigenous kaxinawa language, means companion. It symbolizes the attitude of friendship we adopt while receiving guests in our resort. The simplest reasons for you to celebrate life are created every moment.


The hotel interacts with nature in a responsible and sustainable way, respecting and welcoming the culture of the region. The goal is to expand your horizons by exploring the local geography with the surprises that Mother Nature provides.


Txai Itacaré offers ample spaces with the sophistication of the Brazilian art. Cozy rooms especially designed to promote peaceful moments and wellbeing with windows open to nature. They are perfect settings to soothe the mind and stimulate the senses to the beauty of life.  The endless sea, the mountains of the land, the silence of the night, the aromas of the bushes, fruits, flowers and roots set the tone of the rare beauty of this part of Brazil.


The refined gastronomy is inspired by the local products. Careful attention is given to small details. Customized service is always offered with a smile on our face. Massages and   actions to promote your wellbeing are offered with the aid of oils and essences. Exclusive tours around paradisiacal locations are offered.


Everything in good time. Every effort is made for each moment to be experienced as an unforgettable experience. The unique Txai experience!



Combining maximum comfort with the luxury of rustic simplicity, the bungalows at Txai Itacaré Resort were built with raw material from the region, such as piassava (dried palm fonds), bamboo and dende palm trees.


Wake up in the king-size bed of your dreams, with soft pillows and a canopy-shaped mosquito net.


Enjoy the lush garden and huge azure sky through the window. Let the sun shine in, illuminating and energizing all spaces.


Such is life in the 38 suites of Txai Itacaré Resort. The guest suites may be just a few steps from the sand or at the top of hills, with the most stunning ocean views.


The Alchemy Occurs when we mix passion, regional ingredients and international cooking techniques.


In the hands of experienced chefs, nature gains unique flavors and aromas. The sea is felt in the freshness of the fish.


The land is detected in the texture of the vegetables, the color of the greens and the sweetness of the fruit.


For perfect harmony with the dishes, ask the sommelier for the right wine, invite a special person and together enjoy the exuberant nature of Txai Resort. From the community to the table.


The Txai Companions Institute helps families grow the organic produce



Other Facilities

Shamash is a healing space.

According to oriental traditions, healing is not just about disease, but also about continuous self-improvement and self-care. It is about exercising on a daily basis and constantly searching for physical, mental and emotional health. It is about balance, reaching and keeping a state of wellbeing, even when these moments may seem too brief.


Shamash is willing to offer you a perfect healing experience, stimulating you to feel great. Live magical states of wellbeing and make them linger.


Txai is the only resort in Brazil that provides the experience of a unique selection of practices and treatments taken from ancient cultures and enhanced with a special fusion of spices from Bahia.