Delfins Beach Resort, Bonaire


Bonaire is easily regarded as one of the Caribbean’s last unspoiled islands.


The low-key vibe and casual atmosphere is enjoyed by many who return again. The island features a multitude of magnificent landscapes and a surprising diversity of flora and fauna. Best known as  “Diver’s Paradise”, Bonaire is designated a Marine Park. The island is surrounded by a healthy reef.  There are several beaches on island including Delfin’s own piece of golden sand.  Bonaire’s climate is consistent year round with the trade winds supplying welcome cool breezes and it is outside the hurricane belt making it a sought after destination.


Delfins Beach Resort is located at idyllic Punt Vierkant, where you’re more than likely to encounter dolphins swimming along the coast. Our resort represents top quality in a relaxed, typically Caribbean atmosphere. The premises are right by the sea, surrounded by lush green gardens with a large variety of palm trees. There are 84 luxury apartments in various sizes, all with stunning views and equipped with modern kitchens and bathrooms.


Delfins Beach Resort is situated on the Caribbean Sea complete featuring a stunning sandy beach. This beachfront setting creates the perfect location for a truly unforgettable beach holiday. 


Delfin’s Beach Resort was built on one of Bonaire’s most natural and picturesque locations.  The designers of Delfin’s sought to preserve the natural elements and build around what nature created.  On the seaside, the beach descends so gradually, one can easily walk into the sea.   On the restaurant side, guests enjoy a romantic dining experience with views of the waves crashing into the coral seawall. 



There are 84 luxury apartments in various sizes, all with stunning views and equipped with modern kitchens and bathrooms.


Many of the apartments are on the beach with expansive views of the Caribbean blue. The resort also features Bonaire’s largest swimming pool, with a trendy beach and pool bar. 



Delfins Beach Restaurant, Brass Boer, is created under the watchful eyes of Dutch culinary geniuses, Jonnie and Thérèse Boer.


Their exciting new culinary hot spot will be the most sought after dining experience on island.


This immensely gifted culinary couple gained worldwide fame with their restaurant De Librije, proclaimed best restaurant in the Netherlands on numerous occasions.


This very fact makes it all the more special that Jonnie and Thérèse agreed to let their names and dishes be associated with the Dlelfins Beach Resort Restaurant.


Other Facilities

Delfin’s is also proud to unveil their top notch dive facilities, which includes a 5-star PADI diving school and its own  expansive dive pier.


Our Delfins 5 Star Dive Center is run by Dive Friends Bonaire, the island’s major and − according to many − best dive operator. Dive Friends stands out by a mixing a distinctly relaxed approach with a high level of service. This is the place to go for that superb dive training that will enable you to explore Bonaire’s unique underwater world.


The coral reefs of Bonaire National Marine Park host an incredible variety of tropical fish (at least 469 different species, according to a recent count!) and other marine life.