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elounda beach hotel & Villas



As the first hotel on Crete’s northeast coast, this resort is considered one of Greece's finest.


The property includes several mini-resort-like clusters, like the Yachting Club, whose state-of-the-art bungalows have electric sliding glass doors and retractable television screens, and the Ambassador’s Bungalows, with private gyms. There are also multi-room villa options for families.


There's a supervised kid's program and playground for children, as well as a wealth of water sports and movie screenings in an open-air theater for teens.


Adults can enjoy the peace and quiet of acclaimed spa Espace Vitalité Chenot or a quiet meal at one of nine world-class restaurants. Crete's cultural offerings are nearby but many guests hardly leave the property after entering the oasis of this exclusive resort.



The ultimate hideaway with luxury guest rooms.


Choose among  five accommodation clubs with corresponding features, services and privileges that best satisfy your requests.


Elounda & Imperial Spa Buildings:

  • Classic Rooms Sea View
  • Deluxe Rooms SPA Garden View,
  • Deluxe Rooms Sew View
  • Deluxe Rooms SPA Sea View sharing a Pool,
  • One - and two-Bedroom-Deluxe Suite Sea View

as well as

  • Bungalow & Suite Accommodation
  • Premium Suites & Villas





Named after the hedonistic God of Wine, Dionysos more than lives up to its promise of indulging all the senses with exquisite cuisine and a legendary wine cellar. 


Indulge yourself with the Argonaut's healthy, enticing Mediterranean snacks during the luncheon hours. Evenings, the seaside restaurant lures you back again with its mouth-watering variety of fragrant Italian dishes


The New Gastronomic concept Mistura Chef Dimitris Katrivesis is the idea that condenses the essence of Peru. A reflection of their people and the country’s cuisine with a multicultural of Japanese, Spanish, Chinese & Italian influence. 


The Mistura is a modern and dynamic restaurant, celebrating the bio diversity of the island. 


Kafenion Greek Restaurant


Here you will sample the irresistible and nutritious delights of world-renowned Cretan cuisine. 


Other Facilities

Espace Vitalite Chenot Elounda Beach

The Chenot Method adopts a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach, designed personalised powerful and effective treatments, therapies and products with the intention to detoxify the body and the mind, improve the vitality, the spirit and the wellbeing whilst promoting the beauty and aesthetics in the years to live through a strong, healthy body and mind.


The Espace Vitalité Chenot Crete is a wellness centre in which the hotel guests can choose wellbeing and vitality programmes, beauty treatments, fitness and wellness facilities to help them relax, restore and rejuvenate during their period of stay all according to the principles of Biontology.


The Espace Vitalité Chenot is made up of the following departments:

  • Medical Department
  • Hydro Biontology Department
  • Aesthetic Department
  • Wellness Department