International Mailing Service

Maintain consistent market visibility with upmarket individual travelers in the 4 German speaking- countries as well as international travel agents & tour operators in 85 countries worldwide!


During more than 30 years of operation, we have built together with our brands Elegant Resorts and Toggenburg Experience an  excellent network of upmarket individual travelers and travel trade.


Our newsletter networking is a great soft-sell method to keep in touch and to share information and stories with this selected audience. It will complement your activities at very economical costs.


We offer three options. Identify, which target group is best suited for you and which niche you want to address.


Option 1 - International Travel Trade B/B

  • Keep in contact with approx. 3500 international travel agents and tour operators in  85 countries worldwide. The newsletter is written in English and only focused on your property/destination. 

Option 2 - Upmarket Individual Travellers B/C

  • Send your message and introduce your property/company to approx. 5000 upmarket individual travelers in Germany, Switzerland , Austria and Liechtenstein. The newsletter is written in German and exclusively focused on your property/destination.

Option 3 - Individual travellers B/C & International Travel Trade

  • Combine the power of both options and extend your company's reach to the fullest by outreach to more than 3500 international travel agents & tour operators in 85 countries and to around 5500 upmarket individual travelers in the German speaking countries. These are two seperate newsletter written in German and English and exclusively focused on your property/destination.

PRICING per sending inclusive of

  • creation and design of newsletter,
  • translation of your promotional text/message,
  • a link to your company website,
  • publication in social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram),
  • detailed report on responses,
  • VAT and other taxes.  

Chose your option(s), complete the below application and press send

Option 1

Mailing campaign to

international  travel agents and tour operators

€ 225 

Option 2

Mailing campaign to

individual upmarket


€ 295

Option 3

Mailing campaign to both -

individual upmarket travelers & travel agents

€ 325

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